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The word Dianetics comes from the Greek dia, meaning “through” and nous, meaning “soul,” and is defined as “what the soul is doing to the body.”

Dianetics is a methodology which can help alleviate unwanted sensations and emotions, irrational fears and psychosomatic illnesses (illnesses caused or aggravated by mental stress). It is most accurately described as what the soul is doing to the body through the mind.

Dianetics Symbol

The Dianetics symbol uses the Greek letter delta as its basic form. The stripes are green for growth and yellow for life. The four green stripes represent the four subdivisions of life which are delineated in Dianetics.

The mind is basically a communication and control system between the person and his environment. It is composed of mental image pictures, which are recordings of past experiences. The individual uses his mind to pose and solve problems related to survival and to direct his efforts according to these solutions.

The reactive mind is the portion of a person’s mind which works on a totally stimulus-response basis. It is not under his volitional (willing) control, and exerts force and the power of command over his awareness, purposes, thoughts, body and actions.


The source of any negative emotion, attitude or feeling is fully revealed in Dianetics. The causes of a person’s feelings of grief or loss are buried in the person’s reactive mind, able to influence and control the person.

Dianetics technology guides a person through his or her reactive mind to locate—and permanently eradicate—the actual source of the upset. With the cause of the upset handled, the person is once more able to live a happy, healthy life.

L. Ron Hubbard is the Founder of Dianetics and Scientology technology. He has described his philosophies in more than 5,000 writings, including dozens of books, and three thousand tape recorded lectures. Those who regularly employ his teachings to improve themselves and help their fellows come from all walks of life, while Scientology missions and churches have been established on six continents.

The universal acclaim for the man—including thousands of awards and recognitions from individuals and groups and the unprecedented popularity of his works from all walks of life—is but one indicator of the effectiveness of his technologies. More importantly, there are millions of people around the world who consider they have no greater friend.

Dianetics technology was developed by renowned American author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard.

L. Ron Hubbard began his study of the mind in 1923. Through his extensive travels, study of many cultures around the world and scientific research, he developed and tested man’s first fully workable technology of the mind.

In 1950, Mr. Hubbard wrote Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, a comprehensive work detailing his discoveries and techniques and the first and only definitive manual of the mind.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health became a nationwide bestseller almost overnight. By late summer, 1950, people across the country were not only reading the book, but were also organizing groups for the purpose of applying Dianetics techniques. The book has remained a bestseller ever since, becoming number one on The New York Times bestseller list almost four decades after its initial publication. It continues to appear on bestseller lists around the world.

Although Dianetics technology was discovered by L. Ron Hubbard, he wrote: “Acknowledgment is made to fifty thousand years of thinking men without whose speculations and observations the creation and construction of Dianetics would not have been possible. Credit in particular is due to: Anaxagoras, Thomas Paine, Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, Socrates, René Descartes, Plato, James Clerk Maxwell, Euclid, Charcot, Lucretius, Herbert Spencer, Roger Bacon, William James, Francis Bacon, Sigmund Freud, Isaac Newton, van Leeuwenhoek, Cmdr. Thompson (MC) USN, Voltaire, William A. White, Will Durant, Count Alfred Korzybski and my instructors in atomic and molecular phenomena, mathematics and the humanities at George Washington University and at Princeton.”

Purchase The Complete Dianetics How-to Kit. This package contains all the material you need in order to understand and be able to use Dianetics technology.

You can also attend a free introductory lecture and see films about Dianetics in one of the many hundreds of Hubbard Dianetics Foundations and Dianetics Centers all over the world.

To find the location of the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation nearest you, click here.

You can come into a Hubbard Dianetics Foundation or Dianetics Center where you will find people interested in Dianetics auditing, just like you. It is usual for two people to audit each other on Dianetics—person A audits person B, person B audits person A and so on.

You can encourage a friend or family member to learn about Dianetics and then begin auditing with them. Dianetics procedures are simple to understand and simple to apply. Any two reasonably intelligent people can learn Dianetics and begin ridding themselves of the reactive mind.

If you live too far from a Dianetics Center, don’t despair. More than 20 million copies of Dianetics have been sold and there undoubtedly are people in your area who have read the book and who also want to receive auditing. The Hubbard Dianetics Foundation International operates a service for people who would like to be put in touch with others who are interested in auditing Dianetics.

You can also click here to contact us.

Dianetics is a precise subject and its principles are very easy to grasp and easy to apply. If you are reasonably intelligent you’ll have no trouble at all understanding Dianetics or learning to apply it.

    Dianetics technology can take you on the greatest adventure of your life, a voyage into your mind and the discovery of your true potentials.

    Dianetics can help you understand your mind, what it is composed of and how it works. You'll discover how the reactive mind influences your life.

    By applying Dianetics technology you can get rid of your reactive mind.

    Different people experience different benefits from Dianetics technology. Some of the benefits Dianetics users report include:

    • Increased energy level
    • Improved perceptions
    • Increased happiness
    • Less accidents
    • Reduction in stress and anxiety
    • Higher intelligence
    • Faster reaction time
    • Better relationships with others

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